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Welcome to Dignified Home Care

In-Home Care 

Dignified Home Care provides in-home care for families seeking to help loved ones to stay at home, feeling loved, supported, understood and heard. We never give up when challenges arise and we will fight until we get it right. Our communication helps you feel connected, safe and part of an extended family.

Janette Salmi, our founder, cared for her elderly aunt, who suffered from dementia, and her uncle for 5 years in her own home. Before she brought them to the Gold Coast to live, she managed the care for them from a distance, travelling to see them as often as she could. Feeling compelled to support others in her position, Dignified Home Care was launched with a vision to ensure that more people are able to stay either in their own homes or with their loved ones ensuring that lives are enriched, enhanced and supported.

Dignified is a family business, with a major focus on integrity and passion. Already, although young in it’s journey, staff are employed not only for their skill sets, but on attitude and honour. Relationships being at the core of everything. 

Current clientele includes caring for those:

· with dementia

· in the final season of their life

· with severe arthritis

· with cerebral palsy

· with autism

· with Parkinson’s Disease

· who are needing support with outings and appointments (including shopping, craft groups, other specialty groups, medical commitments, social experiences etc.)

Dignified Home Care

How we can
help you

  • personal care
  • shopping & meal preparation
  • errands & outings
  • recovery from a medical setback
  • 24 hour care

Aged Care

Our caregivers support you to live with autonomy while ensuring your safety and well-being.

Disability Care

Our accredited caregivers work with you to provide high quality, personalised and supportive care.

Respite & Recovery

Access short or long term respite care to give your carer a break from their daily routine.

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What Our Clients Say

Our Dignified carer has been a Godsend to me and my family. She is always bright and happy and very helpful in all areas, which gives me a feeling of confidence. It makes my own workload much more obtainable and easier from my perspective.
Wish I had done this years ago. She has been a blessing, with the future looking better than previously.

Barry P

The love, care and attention that our Dignified carer shows our Mum is amazing. We could not ask for a more perfect match to our families needs. She has fitted into our family like she has known Mum for years. We don’t know how we coped without her. Honestly 10 out of 10 for everything. We could not ask for better service and care.

Susie L

In my view Dignified Home Care is a care provider of extremely high quality. My carer is simply exceptionaL She is friendly, honest, hard working, patient and always willing to listen to me and respond to my needs. She encourages me and supports me and always makes me feel safe, valued and respected. Dignified Home Care is vastly superior to other providers I have used and I would recommend them to anyone who wishes to retain their dignity while requiring assistance.

Jenny R, Man

I have been a very happy client of Dignified Home Care for almost twelve months. The consistency of excellent care I’ve received surpasses other companies I have used in the past for my disabilities. I look forward to my twice-weekly services by the well-trained support worker. She is very compliant and capable of assisting me with all my needs, appointments, errands and home care. I would thoroughly recommend contacting Dignified Home Care to discuss your needs

Lauray Y