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If you are needing immediate care, or are just exploring the options available the future, here are a few things you need to know about getting started with in-home care.

Choosing your in-home care service

With the abundance of options for aged and disability care, now is the time to discover the best fit for you!  If keeping your family member or loved-one at home is important to you, with in-home care you have the freedom and comfort of adapting with additional support as your needs change.

Whether you require a little support or 24-hour care, finding a home care provider that is the best fit for you is important.

In-Home Care 

There are many benefits to having in-home care provided for you or your loved one.

In-home care:

  • supports an individual’s independence
  • offers the familiarity of the home and familiar surroundings
  • provides comfort and safety
  • ensures the individual’s dignity is maintained


Getting Started

Self-funding your care is the easiest and fastest way to get started with in-home care services.   Self-funded supports also give you freedom and flexibility to have the services you want.

Most care providers require clients needing 24/7 care, but Dignified Home Care offer affordable care support from as little as just a few hours per week.

My Aged Care

If you are over 65 and are seeking funding support for home care or other aged care services you may qualify for My Aged Care.

When you register for My Aged Care, you will first receive an ACAT assessment.  The ACAT assessment will inform what supports you could receive funding for through the My Aged Care program.

Approval for in-home packages through My Aged Care can take 12-18 months, so registering as soon as possible. Interim funding is available in some circumstances.

Let us know if we can be of assistance in learning more about My Aged Care funding options.


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