No matter what stage of life you are in, finding meaningful activities for seniors to engage the mind and body is essential to your wellbeing and quality of life! Here are a number of suggestions to inspire you to stay active and connected to activities that light you up and bring you joy and purpose!

Get Reading

Do you love reading? Perhaps there have been books on your shelf you have been meaning to read but never had the time or inclination. Why not get started? If a physical book is difficult to hold or the text too small, learn more about listening to audiobooks. These can be borrowed for free from many local libraries using Borrow Box. Or if you prefer to turn the pages of a physical book see if there is a mobile library service in your area. Alternatively, you can access thousands of books on a reading app such as Kindle. You can store your library on your device and change the font size or the font itself.

Find An Online Course

Have you heard the saying “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching?” We have never had more options and resources that allow us to learn than at any other time in history!

In addition to reading, many courses are available online offering education specifically for seniors or the disabled. The University of the 3rd Age (U3A) offers courses for personal enjoyment and wellbeing. There are no academic requirements or exams and costs are minimal. Alternatively, you could research your ancestry and genealogy!

Join A Community Group

Joining a local club or meeting regularly with friends who enjoy similar interests will help you experience social connectedness. This benefits your mental wellbeing and is a great way of preventing feelings of isolation or loneliness.

Pursue A Hobby

Get involved in a hobby you enjoy! It could be part of a community group or something you like to do in your own time. Consider creative pursuits such as painting, sculpture, knitting or scrapbooking. Or perhaps baking, playing cards, birdwatching, photography or learning a musical instrument is more up your alley!


The benefits of exercise include higher energy levels, better quality sleep, better brain health and memory, and a better mood! Find ways you enjoy moving no matter how mild it may be.

Line dancing, yoga, swimming, aqua aerobics, bowls, table tennis, darts, chair exercises, or even gardening are just a few examples of exercises that benefit the body and mind!

Engage The Brain

Do you enjoy crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, or a game of chess? If these activities are challenging perhaps a board game with friends, a game of cards or a favourite trivia or game show could activate your brain?

Plan A Day Trip

Connect with family, friends, carers, or community groups that offer day trips for seniors! Enjoy discovering new places and meeting new people.

Destinations could include:

  • Historical site
  • Gardens
  • Vineyards
  • Farms
  • Museums
  • Markets
  • Theatre
  • Art Gallery

Social connection strengthens the immune system and may even lengthen our life! It lowers rates of anxiety and depression and promotes positive emotional and physical wellbeing. Learning a new skill or engaging in activities that engage the brain will improve mental health and memory as you age. So get moving, challenge your mind, and enjoy!