Recently I witnessed a Youtube clip of Pink being shown some of her best fan moments during her career. One of the moments Pink recalled was that of a young fan by the name of Calvin. Calvin has down syndrome. Calvin’s mum, Nerida, had tweeted Pink before the concert to explain that they were at the concert to celebrate the fact that Calvin had just beat cancer!

Pink goes onto to explain that she read this tweet. During the concert she is placed in a harness that allows her to “fly” over the audience. Her first stop was, of all places, the wheelchair section! As Pink was lifted into the air she called out “I’m coming for you Calvin!”

In disbelief, Nerida looked up at Pink and began eagerly pointing at Calvin shouting “This is Calvin! This is Calvin!” Needless to say, this was a memorable moment for Nerida and Calvin.

6 years on Nerida and Calvin returned for another Pink concert. Once again, Nerida let Pink know they were in attendance. Before the concert even began, Pink had arranged for Nerida, her mum and her son to come backstage to meet Pink herself.

As I was working on social media posts for Dignified Home Care I came across a photograph of this very story I had heard just days before. As I looked further I saw that this incredible mother was the founder of an amazing start-up called CarersUnited.

On receiving our CarersUnited and Supporter bracelets all of us at Dignified Home Care knew we had to help get the word out to carers around the world!

The bracelets bring connection and understanding to carers worldwide! They aim to break down barriers of communication when carers see one another.

If you or someone you know is a carer to someone with a disability or chronic illness this bracelet would be a beautiful reminder that you are not alone and a practical way to stay connected to others who understand the challenges you experience.

“I truly believe family caregivers are the most incredible group of people that are highly underrated in this world.

Living under the stress everyday makes us not sweat the small stuff, we have a constant benchmark of stress on which we rate everything around us. A stubbed toe? Damn. Forgot to pay the gas bill? Oops! Laundry isn’t folded? Who cares.

Maybe this is one of the reasons we say that having a family member with special needs is a gift. To live in that space. Of appreciation, laughter and fun is incredible.

On the flip side we are also accutely aware of what society tells us we are missing out on. The heartache of seeing a standard family at the park or shopping together can be unbearable and feel like you are being stabbed in the heart.

This all often leads to us feeling isolated, disconnected yet enlightened all at once. This is why I have the CarersUnited bracelet. So we can be connected all over the world.

On those dark days when the heartache and stress become too much the CarersUnited bracelet can act as your comfort and support knowing that there are millions of carers worldwide who have your back and are ready to lift you up and keep you going who truly understand, completely. The difficult behaviour, the undies scrubbing, the cleaning, good gosh the cleaning, the sore back, the sleepless nights, the frustration. All of it.

We can also support each other in person. Imagine being out grocery shopping with your kids (eek the struggles) and someone flashes their CarersUnited bracelet and helps you with your shopping. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Let’s all connect together and support each other in our role as carer. It doesn’t matter what disability or chronic illness of the person you care for, let’s just see each other as people who understand each other’s trials and tribulations.”

xxx Nerida – Founder of Carers United

Do you know a caregiver who could be encouraged by being a part of this amazing community? Visit for more information.