Spring is in the air and if you have never taken to gardening then today we want to share the benefits of gardening for life! A new season has begun and the hope of warmer days and outdoor activities invigorate and inspire. Today let’s take a look at just a few of the reasons why we encourage gardening as an activity throughout all seasons of life!

Reduce Stress

Being outdoors can reduce stress as you breathe in the fresh air, take in the sights and smells of a garden and use your hands productively.

Physical Activity

Not all gardening is strenuous but it certainly promotes physical activity and assists in maintaining mobility.

Motor Skills

Gardening uses and improves motor skills which can assist with daily self-care and develops strength and flexibility.


Being outdoors allows you to enjoy the sunshine, feel the temperature, take a deep breath; all of which have a positive impact on your mental health. Use this time to practice mindfulness or grounding for additional health benefits.


Planting, tending to and harvesting herbs, fruits, or vegetables allows those involved to feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Growing your own food also assists keep the food budget low.

Nutritious Foods

Not only can gardening help you cut your food bill down but it will supercharge your intake of nutritious, vitamin dense foods.


Creating a garden brings beauty. Think of the colours, textures, and fragrances that come from having a garden! Whether you grow herbs, flowers, or fruits and vegetables, you will most certainly notice the beauty added to your outdoor space by surrounding yourself with nature.

Connecting with others

Having a garden allows you the option of gardening with friends and family, carers, or sharing your harvest with neighbours. It can be a great place to connect while working side by side or a relaxing space to enjoy when visitors stop by.

Creating an accessible garden is possible with the use of raised garden beds, pathways, or strategically placed pots. There are gardening tools and methods that consider the safety of the elderly when gardening.