Your choice

You have dreamed of this holiday for a long time! You have gathered the brochures, researched the region, selected your preferred tourist destinations, and even picked up a few phrases in a new language so that you can fully experience your dream holiday. The choice is all yours! You relax into the plans you have made and relish the journey. The sights, the sounds, the people. You savor each moment. When the journey comes to an end you have the most incredible memories and cannot wait to plan your next adventure.

In life, we plan for our education, our career, our family, and our retirement. Each choice that is made is personal. Our preferences, interests, abilities, finances, location, and personalities all contribute to the unique journey we take. So what about those times where we are thrown an unexpected curveball and the best-laid plans are altered drastically?! What about the journey of recovery from illness or injury? The journey of loving someone with a disability or the journey into our autumn years where we need and rely on the support and help of others?

Could mapping out your journey in advance enable you to experience the best that a season has to offer? Whether you are talking about an overseas trip, managing your finances, or considering different seasons of life, mapping out your journey helps to bring freedom and peace of mind. Knowing the variables and having the thinking done in advance really does allow you to focus on the things that are most important in your world. The choice is yours.

Where to start

In Australia, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to our aged care. Begin by being well informed about your options and preferences. Sometimes knowing what you don’t want helps you to discover what you do want. Here is a brief summary of some of the options currently available.

Independent living (Retirement village)

A retirement village allows independent living for over 50’s (sometimes over 55’s) in your own unit but within a community of units owned by other over 55’s. Here you live independently and do not require assistance with daily tasks. These villages have communal facilities such as gardens, a recreation centre, a library, or a pool. Family members can also visit and enjoy these facilities.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living offers support for those whose choice is to arrange occasional assistance in an aged care facility or nursing home. Assistance can include help with bathing, taking medications, preparing meals, house cleaning, and more.

Residential aged care (nursing home)

Residential aged care offers supported living for Australian seniors who can no longer live alone and require daily personal assistance. An assessment is required for these services and is available to those only in genuine need.

In-home care

In-home care allows seniors to remain in their own homes or live with family. Assistance can range from a little help with a few tasks per week, daily visits, or 24-hour care.

Applying for government assistance

To apply for government assistance you must first apply to You will receive an ACAT* assessment which will determine the level of funding that is available to you. Register here with My Aged Care.

So let’s get started! It’s time to plan for an exciting new season!

*Aged Care Assessment Team