Is it time to let go of things that are weighing you down? Have you accumulated belongings that you really no longer need or even care about?

Research shows that our surroundings greatly impact how happy we are. Holding onto too many physical possessions can leave our minds in a state of chaos and can leave us feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Why We Hold On

There are a number of reasons you might hold onto material possessions. Perhaps your reason is “I might need it one day!” or it may be to hold onto a past career, relationship or precious memory. It could be because you have put off decluttering for so long that now the task seems overwhelming or it may simply be that you have lived this way for so long you don’t even notice just how much “stuff” you have.

Living Life

Professional organiser, Peter Walsh, suggests we ask a few simple questions. What is the life I want to be living? What does that life look like? What do I want from my home – what mood, what experience? Once you have answered these questions you can start looking at your belongings and get organised by asking “does this thing move me closer or farther away from the life I want?”

1, 2, 3

Begin by sorting a small space at a time. It could be a room, a bookshelf, a drawer or a box. Sort your items into 3 groups. Those things which you will keep, those items you will giveaway and those items which are too far gone and need to be put in the rubbish bin.

Ask For Help

Ask family, friends or carers to assist you with sorting. You may need some help with reading labels on food items or medicines, heavy lifting and the physical removal of goods from your property. You can also employ a professional organiser who can assist you in setting up systems that will work for you. This kind of accountability makes the process a positive and empowering experience.

Clean As You Go

Whether you are decluttering in preparation for a move, downsize or staying in your current home, clean as you go. Wipe cupboards and shelves down with a natural cleaning product. Wash all your linens and have your carpets cleaned. Your home environment will look fresh and will be healthier for you too.

Safety First

Now is a good time to have your smoke alarms tested and to identify any potential hazards if you are staying in your home. For example, remove electrical leads or rugs that could cause a fall, adding mobility handles for extra support and ensuring you can easily access your phone in case of emergency.

Letting things go will make your home cleaner, more efficient, safer and will give you a space you can enjoy being in. Surround yourself with those things that really have special meaning to you and give things away to someone who needs it more than you do. Happy Spring Cleaning!