Quality Care

If you have seen the recent reports regarding aged care in Australia you may be concerned about the quality of care available. For every tragic report, there are many, many amazing stories of genuine and compassionate carers who have gone above and beyond.

This week I heard of a caregiver who was allocated a number of hours to complete attending to 30 individuals which included bathing and dressing these people. To complete this task she would have just 6 minutes to spend with each resident of the facility she worked at. Her choice was to work an additional 3-4 hours every shift, without pay. She could not, in good conscience, treat these individuals with such little care and consideration. Unfortunately, many brilliant carers leave the industry heartbroken by these kinds of scenarios.

We must make changes. Changes for patients. Changes for carers. Changes for families. Changes for the better! And those changes are coming! They must.

Be Bold

Great care is available in facilities, residential and in-home care. One simple way of ensuring the best care is to ask the questions. Be bold in your questioning. Be sure you address all your concerns and fears. If you are concerned about privacy, staff qualifications, security or anything else, please ask the hard questions. Read through the policies and don’t settle for a response you aren’t comfortable with.

Attention To Detail

Attention to detail matters when it comes to caring. From quality carers who are well trained and continue to grow their skill set, to admin and care managers who communicate with transparency and kindness, excellent care can be found.

If you have been putting off looking into care as an option, you can rest assured you will find the right fit for you.

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