The impact creativity has on brain function has been studied thoroughly over the years. Especially the importance of creativity as we age and how it relates to our mental alertness and cognition. Studies have shown that the ageing brain is less focused and is more disinhibited than the younger brain. But this has its advantages!

Although we experience some diminishment of our cognitive abilities as we age, we also have access to a storehouse of knowledge gained over the course of a lifetime. The learning and experience we own, coupled with the changes in our brain as we age make a perfect concoction for creativity to flourish!


It was long believed that being “left-brained” or “right-brained” determined your ability to be creative. This myth has been exposed in recent years. By expanding our creative experiences our brains have the opportunity to practice creativity which involves multiple brain areas across both hemispheres of the brain.

Here are a few activities to engage your brain creatively! These can have a positive impact on your health from boosting your immune system, improving mental health, improved cognitive function, and sharpened senses.

Learn an instrument

Enjoy learning an instrument that appeals to you! Perhaps there is an instrument you once learned that you could return to? Composing your own music or writing a song is another activity you could endeavour to achieve.


Gardening could be as simple as a few herbs in pots to designing a garden to include colour, fragrance and shape! The benefits to gardening are further explained here. 


Combining the mind and body through dance will give your brain and your body a great workout! Not sure where to start? Try line dancing, adult ballet, tap, jazz, social ballroom or rock’n’roll dance.

Art & Crafts

If you enjoy using your hands try your hand at painting, pottery, knitting, crocheting, woodwork, coloring or drawing.

Theatre & Concerts

Whether you enjoy the formality of a symphony, the social interaction of attending the theatre or the soothing sounds of live music in a local park, attending live performances


Try your hand at writing a short story, novel, or jot down your own memoirs! If this sounds like to much hard work consider journaling for self-discovery, self-expression, relieving stress and processing emotions.


Try a new recipe, revisit old favourites, or come up with your own creation! If you have too many favourite meals to choose from maybe now is the time to create a book of your tried and true recipes!


Join a choir, singing group, or begin lessons with a vocal coach!

Art Exhibitions & Museums

Be inspired and educated by visiting your local art gallery or museum.

Read Literature & Poetry

Be challenged by good literature and stimulate your mind with poetry. Researchers have found interesting connections between brain activity and reading literature and poetry.

The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.


Find something you enjoy to keep your brain active and healthy! Read Activities For Seniors for more great suggestions.